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Removal The BOV is connected with 3 hoses:
  • A thick hose goes to the 3000 tube.
  • A thick hose goes down to the air intake hose in front of the turbo.
  • A thin tube goes to a metal tube, which runs parallel to the 3000 tube across the engine.

Do not loosen the hoses directly at the BOV but at the other end of the hoses. To do this, press the hose clamps together with pliers and push them over the hose in the direction of BOV. Now they can remove the hoses and, as a result, have the BOV in their hands as shown in the picture - only the thin tube is missing on the picture.


Experiments through the hose was connected to the 3000 tube, to blow through. If this is possible, the BOV is defective and must be replaced. A new one can be ordered from any Toyota dealer. If it is not possible to blow it through with greater effort, then the BOV is functional and can be reinstalled.


The installation is (logically) exactly in reverse order for removal. Put the 3 hoses on their respective connections. Squeezed with pliers push the hose clamps back over the hose ends - these are fixed and close tightly on their connections. Check immediately and after a test drive again, if all connections are tight.

The following pictures show the appearance of the BOV and where it is in the engine compartment: