reading process

  • Switch on ignition
  • Outputs E1 and T of the diagnostic connection are bridged Fig. 1
  • If no error codes are set, the light flashes twice per second Fig. 2
  • Each error code consists of two groups of one or more flashing signals each. Fig. 3 [A]
  • Flash duration: 0.5 seconds Fig. 3 [B]
  • The individual flashing signals are separated by pauses of 0.5 seconds Fig. 3 [C]
  • The individual error code groups are separated by pauses of 1.5 seconds. Fig. 3 [D]
  • The individual error codes are separated by pauses of 2.5 seconds Fig. 3 [E]
  • Example: Two flashes with a duration of 0.5 seconds - pause of 1.5 seconds - a flash signal with a duration of 0.5 seconds. Error code 21 Fig. 3 - Lambda probe heated lambda probe
  • The last error code is followed by a pause of 4.5 seconds. Thereafter, the stored error codes are repeated
  • The engine door warning lamp flashing signals count. Note the error codes. Compare with error code table
  • Disconnect jumper cable
  • Switch off the ignition
  • Fix displayed errors


NOTE: The disconnect time of the fuse depends on the ambient temperature. The lower the temperature, the longer the fuse has to be removed.

  • Switch off the ignition
  • Remove fuse EFI (15 A) from fuse box in engine compartment for at least 30 seconds Fig. 4 [1]
  • Reinstall the fuse
  • The deletion of the error code entries can also be done by disconnecting the battery cables

ATTENTION: Disconnecting the battery can erase the memory contents of electronic components (eg radio and clock).

  • Repeat the test procedure. to ensure. that all entries in the fault memory of the engine control unit are deleted

Error code table