1YZ + 1YZ = 2YZ? Not quite, because with this conversion became from both engines a V12 engine.

Crazy and extraordinary conversions have always fascinated us, because they not only testify to creative work, but often show engineering skills in its highest form. Often, however, come from such projects from their own garage.

One of those crazy ideas was Don Groff from Nth Moto, whose project he spent his entire life for eight years (of course not in one piece) and his goal was to build a 2.5 liter 1JZ engine of a Supra MK3 into a 5 liter V12 engine. To build engine with an output of 800 hp.

A horsepower of 800 hp seems rather cautious given the size and potential of a single engine, but Don argues that this is a "healthy" and maneuverable performance as the more than 1000 hp vehicles are usually absolutely impassable.

The 1JZ engine version was never sold in the US, but is as popular as the forward of the famous 2JZ engine in engine conversions on third generation models extremely popular.

Take a look at the video. Unbelievable this smoothness.