If you can call it used, the just 11,444 km has put the $ 90,000 in the auction house bringatrailer.com Supra on the clock. In the color red, beige leather and with original rims, the condition of the LHD 6-speed TwinTurbo Supra is of course in a dream state. They still exist - The Unicorns, which achieve record prices year after year.

About a year ago we wrote about a white automatic supra with even less driven kilometers, which had achieved a price of nearly $ 100,000. Already at that time the achieved maximum value for traffic jams and proud faces provided with owners, who could call a Supra his own. It is not for nothing that one or the other sees the Supra MKIV as an investment .

Will the bubble eventually burst?

The currently sold red Supra has topped the price by almost 25%. For over $ 121,000, the red Supra has changed hands. An awesome sum for a Japanese vehicle with an age of 25 years. Of course, only the film vehicle from Fast & Furious scored a much higher auction price.

In this country, such prices have not yet seen, although manifested in the left-steered Supras so around 45,000 to 60,000 euros. An exactly such price development can also be found in right-steered supras. While you could have acquired a supra from 10,000 € a decade ago (of course, depending on the substance), this is today only an old desired dream price, because often scratch these models already at the € 40,000 mark, if not partly even beyond.

But where are the prices going to go? In contrast to a traditional sports brand like Porsche, it was always hard for Japanese vehicles or a model like the Supra to look into the future of price developments. Especially today, the factors and developments to be considered are even more complex than they were years ago. The new Supra A90 will barely shake the market price of its predecessor.

But what are the political developments and prohibitions? How is the trend around electric vehicles or autonomous driving developing? The latter will be unavoidable, because there are many advantages.

Are petrolheads like us a fringe? Will a vintage car be a priceless hobby in terms of insurance, as manual driving will be an incalculable risk for insurance companies?

How does it look like? Already today the youth are interested in completely different things than we were then and still are today.

What is your opinion about this?