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I installed the mentioned Boostcontroller a few weeks ago and as always I took a lot of pictures. And where would be better off than here, so follows a small installation instructions in the Supra. Is not a big effort, but the installation of electrical / electronic components is certainly not for everyone. Therefore, I hope that maybe one or the other can be useful.

The EVC-S is currently the most up-to-date boost controller from HKS and a simplified and sleeker yet high quality alternative to the regular EVC5.

Central unit of the controller

operating unit

HKS wastegate

Overview: Installation in the 2JZ-GTE

Here we go! Installation of the electrical system

1) First remove all dash panels, driver's footwell trim and later remove the glove box for cable routing.

2) Suitable location for the central unit sought, the antenna relay serves as a carrier.

3) Attached by means of a larger cable tie and double-sided adhesive tape so that nothing can slip.

4) Re-installed antenna relay with central unit of the boost controller.

5) The controller only has to be supplied with + 12V and GND. The + 12V 6) supply I just take off here on the plug of the removed clock.

7) Existing red-blue wire = + 12V from position ACC



10) Screw the ground connection into a suitable place.

Installation of the hardware

11) Install the supplied boost pressure sensor in a free space in the engine compartment.

12) Route the sensor wiring via the passage on the left in the engine compartment, through the yellow grommet into the interior. For this, the inner fenders must be taken down.

13) Installation of the wastegate valve: Mount the supplied bracket on the valve, depending on the installation location.

14) For comparison: Series boost pressure control valve

15) I screwed it right at the position of the standard boost pressure VSV.



18) Laying the new wastegate valve here via the other side of the vehicle. Passing under the air filter along the fender ...

19) ... again over the opening towards the interior.

20) Now still place for the control unit sought and fastened with supplied double-sided adhesive strip.

21) Interior trim re-installed.

22) Done!

Serial Turbo / BPU settings

There are 5 different parameters that must be set for the two storable setups A and B.

Off Set Value
0-100% .... the higher the value, the higher the boost pressure. So that's the duty cycle of the wastegate.
- Starts at 30-40% and then increases step by step according to the desired boost pressure

Response Value
0-100% ... the higher the value, the faster the boost pressure is built up but the greater the danger that the regulation overshoots (boost pressure peaks).
- Posted on 25%

Over boost value

0-250kPA or 0-36PSI ... is the value from which boost pressure control becomes active.
- adjusted to 20kPa (0,2bar)

Warning Value
0-250kPA or 0-36PSI ... warning threshold at which the warning buzzer becomes active and the boost pressure is reduced. When the warning value is reached, the parameter "Off Set Value" is reduced by the value "Drop Value".
- Set, for example, to 125kPa (1.25bar) in Setup A and 150kPa (1.5bar) in Setup B

Drop Value
0-100% ... The percentage by which the offset value is reduced when the warning value is exceeded.
- Posted on 100%