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Looking for a tool to easily monitor the engine's operating state via the OBDI interface in conjunction with my Android car radio, I came across a Bluetooth module in Gregory's Supra Conversion article. In conjunction with a free app, you can view various data. From Gregor I got the web address of the developer:
ODB1 read module

Here I ordered the following module:

This fits Plug & Play to the diagnostic connector in the engine compartment:

In order to be able to read the data you have to put the system in the test mode. For this, the connections TE2 and E1 must be made at the DLC2 connection in the interior. B. connect with a wire:

Finally, I needed the following "monitoring" app:

I downloaded these and installed them on my Android car radio (also works with an Android phone). Then I made the connection between the radio and the module via Bluetooth and you can see the result here:

It is also possible to display the data in a different layout:

When the system is in test mode, the engine light flickers when the ignition is on. But it should go out when you start the engine:

Currently my Supra is logged off seasonally. As soon as she gets back on the road in April, I'll report on how the Bluetooth module and the app behave when driving.

For info:
In how far the permanent test condition of the system may possibly lead to problems I do not know currently. There is nothing specific about this on the website of the developer. So you will see